III/40d Leidang (1071-1280 AD)

III/40d Leidang (1071-1280 AD)
Item# III/40d

Product Description

1x General and Huscarls (4Bd)—VIKA02 1x Huscarls (4Bd)—VIKA04 6x Bondi (4Bd)—VIKA03 2x Bondi Archers (3Bw or 2Ps)—VIKA06 1x Laenstroppern (3Kn)—VIKA08 or Huscarls (4Bd)—VIKA05 1x Free Lance Raiders (3Bd)—VIKA03 or Lapp Archers (2Ps)—VIKA06 or Thralls (7Hd)—LASA03 Total Figures: 3 Cavalry and 58 Infantry

**Please note that the picture is not of the contents of the army but simply provided to give a sense of what the figures look like.